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learned that the current pope benedict who is stepping down will be called pope emeritus, a title given when you retire but you keep the title of the last position you held. from overnight in oakland, swat teams are wrapping up a stand off at a home at 87th avenue most of the night. no word of the man who was holed up. we were overhead after it began at 6:00 last night. police brought out the swat trucks and shut down some streets. they will not say why he was wanted. >> in egypt, 18 foreign tourists are confirmed dead after a hot hair balloon crashed in the worst tourism accidents in history. a bay area man took these photos shortly before the crash.
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he says he was in another balloon when it happened. according to officials there was a fire and an explosion before the balloon plunged several hundred feet from the sky. residents of japan and britain are among the dead. several schools are canceling student trips to south america after a young bay area couple disappeared while traveling through peru. jamie neal and garrett hand while on a tour on bicycles disappeared. the couple is shown on a bus to lima, peru, january 26, when communications on facebook and with friends and family on skype stopped. along with their bank activity. in mid-february the state department issued a warning to american tourists about possibly being kidnapped by terrorists in peru. as a result, a school in lafayette canceled a trip for 30 students. >> relieved we did not end up going with a situation like this. i was bummed we could not go but
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i am glad it was canceled. >> another school in oakland canceled a trip. the families are homing the couple are in a remote area without internet service. >> police officer faces charges of sexual assault and kidnapping , after attacking at least six women recently. the police chief says investigators believe he committed the crimes while on duty and used his position to stop and assault the victims. >> personally, i am appalled and sickened someone who was put in a position of trust would violate that trust in such an egregious and despicable manner. >> another officer reported the alleged crimes. he was placed on leave after being booked into the county jail yesterday.
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investigators hope another victim or other victims may come forward. >> it is 4:34. san jose will consider becoming the largest city in the country to ban styrofoam today voting on a draft of a bill to phase out styrofoam containers. the restaurant association says the ban would ham small businesses more than the containers hurt the environment. if a final bill passes some summer the ban takes effect next january. a grabbed opening ceremony is hold today in san francisco to open a new cruiseship material natural located at pier 27 that costs $90 million. there will be a ribbon-cutting ceremony at 1:00 o'clock. do not expect cruise ships to dock. it will first be used by the teams competing in the america's cup this summer. cruise ships arrive next spring. >> in this morning, a top silicon valley c.e.o. and former republican candidate for governor is changing her
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position on same-sex marriage. hewlett-packard c.e.o. is coming forward to say proposition 8, which is in front of the supreme court, should be overturned. this morning, "new york times" reports that she signed a legal brief arguing gay people have a constitutional right to marriage. she supported proposition 8 during the campaign for governor in 2010, so that is a turn around. other prominent republicans include jon huntsman, former new jersey governor whitman, and former massachusetts governors weld and jane shift. the supreme court will hear where this is constitutional next month. with only three days, president obama heads to virginia to highlight the impact of $85 million in automatic budget cuts looming over the united states. the president will speak at the newport news shipbuilding yard today. defense cuts would sharply affect the industrial city where the navy makes aircraft carriers
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and submarines. the president will, again, call on republicans to sign off on a new debt reduction plan that includes both budget cuts and higher tax revenues through the closing of loopholes and deductions. waking up? not terribly cold this morning. if you look behind me, bay bridge lights so pretty, and it is very clear. >> absolutely. that is one thing we have with the dry air the fact that there is a lab of fog. visibility is unlimited but at half moon bay it is down to four miles, not too bad. winds are calm at he to five miles per hour in most areas with a northeast wind in santa rosa at ten miles per hour but that is why the temperatures are 41 degrees right now with the winds keeping your air from getting stagnant and cooling. we will start off in the mid-to-upper 30's through 7:00 inland, and mid-40's around the bay and the coast and we will make a run to the upper 50's to near 60 by noon with more sunshine than yesterday and slately warmer in the afternoon
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hours with low-to-mid 60's away from the benches. in the mid-50's in the evening, so it is nice out there. cooler, though, at the coast at 48 degrees. we will look ahead because these are going to be our warmer days, climbing into the 70 degree range by thursday and friday. sue? >> good morning, everyone, we have good conditions out there right now, clear visibility-wise, and clear roadway wise, as well. we have not a bad drive at all between hayward and foster city on the san mateo bridge with the tail lights on flat section headed to the high-rise and everything is moving at the limit. to the bay bridge toll plaza, we have some sort of activity here, right here, emergency lights are flashing, possibly road work. we will check on that. you can see there are no delays moving into san francisco with metering lights off. in the city itself, between 17th and 18th, san francisco police department saying they have an investigation going on and to avoid that area.
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otherwise, just road work out there. north 101 by the village, you can fine the right lanes are blocked until 6:00 this morning. kristen? >> sue, thank you, a new treatment that showed promise in helping people with a dangerous condition suffers a major setback. next, why it can mean the end of a bay area drug company. >> once in a lifetime. >> up on the rooftop, a car ended upside down on a house 30' oft -- off the ground. >> lots of new products are introduced at the world congress in spain, from devices that blur the line between smartphone and tablets, which docks into a tablet and another is half phone and half tablet. many future samsungs come standard with mobile payment system that works without any set up we allowing users to make
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purchases by tapping their phone at terminals. how about a really mobile hot spot, starting next year general motors will have cars with 4g wi-fi giving drivers real time. travel information and
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>> good morning, the lafayette school district will pay $725,000 to a student who was molested on campus by a former middle schoolteacher. he is now serving five years in prison for sex crimes. he repeatedly abused the student during private tutoring sessions in his class. the family claims the district had received other complaints of him molesting students but failed to report him. >> bay area drug company took a beat on wall street after recalling the new anemia drug and there are reports several patients died.
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we report from the company's headquarters in palo alto. >> shares of palo alto-based company have plummeted 85 percent. down just over $14 to $2.42, following the recall announcement over the weekend that five kidney patients have died from an anemia drug while 50 had severe reactions. it was on the market since april and during that time, the company said it was gaining ground against the competition because it was cheaper than the rival drug and required less frequent doses. in a conference call to the c.e.o. of the company, they said we have not identified the root cause of the reactions and we will look closely at drug products in all forms in all stages of manufacturing, distribution, and supply and handling. it is the only approved drug of the company and now it is off the market the long-term viability is in question. an analyst said limited distribution of the drug could resume later this year but it is
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likely going to take longer for the company to regain the faith of the medical community. in palo alto for abc7 news. >> new this morning, president obama will meet with two top republican lawmakers to top immigration reform. senators john mccain and graham are part of a bipartisan senate group working to overhaul the immigration system. the white house will not say why the president is not meeting with the republicans in a group including rubio of florida. john mccain says he think lawmakers can come to an agreement by the end of next month. >> a new snowstorm is crossing the midsection creating havoc for residents still digging out from last week's dig blizzard. the new storm brought heavy snow to kansas and missouri early this morning after lashing the texas panhandle with hung-force winds. it is a traffic nightmare with so many drives stranded that the national guard had to be called in, in albuquerque, new mexico, interstate 40 was shut down
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forcing truck drivers to wait out the conditions. >> it costs money to sit still and to run it etchty -- empty so hopefully they get it cleared >> there is now one death reported associated with the storm. the winds were so strong in north texas it peeled bricks from the side of a building. today there is more worry that several thunderstorms and heavy rain are possible across parts of the south and mid-atlantic. our meteorologist has been keeping an eye on that. mike, it is still looking fierce? >> a lot of snow in the he river valley possibly even into chicago. welch what the airports and we have an eye open our weather. now, looking outside we will show you what is going on. that is great for the commute. look how dry it is. we can use some rain. but it is not in the offing
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again, another seven-day forecast that will be giving us no rain. look how nonexistent the storm is right now. the one that came in yesterday, it just ran into the rockies and fell apart. so, we will talk about what is going on here, they just turned the lights off again. look! why? now, the temperatures, it is 42 in san francisco, and 41 in oakland. san jose at 40, and mill valley at 37 degrees. now, a look at what is going on, you can see the storm track well to our north and to our east and high pressure ruling the roost again. it is this cold front that will miss us to the north and keep missing us to the not as we keep watch the storms pass us by.
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maybe we will get rain next week. today in the santa clara valley mid-60's, and upper 60's headed to santa cruz at 68. and 66 node san jose. on the peninsula, a lost 64 and 65-degree temperatures and breezy at the beaches and cooler with the air coming off the water in the mid-to-upper 50's and low 60's in downtown and south san francisco, and in the mid-to-upper 50's at bodega bay but mid-to-upper 60's throughout the north bay valley and headed to the east bay shore, oakland and san leandro at 64 degrees and everyone hanging out in the mid-60's and san ramon 62 and mid-to-upper 60's for everyone else. temperatures tonight are in the mid-to-upper 30 and mid-up 30's to mid-40's around the bay with a cloud or two possible overnight. now, a look at the accweather seven-day outlook, look at the 70 on thursday, and more 70's on friday, hanging around for saturday but you can see a little bit of a cooling trend headed to sunday and monday with
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temperatures above average each day. >> it is a nice drive out there if you have to be up early the roads are clear. this is 101 beyond lucas valley road with just a few headlights toward central san rafael and clear all the way to the golden gate bridge for the drive from marin county. still a good drive from antioch as you can see speeds at the limit making your way to pittsburg and highway 242 and concord, it is moving nicely westbound on highway 4. road work out there south 280 before highway one in daly city, two left lips -- lanes are blocked and westbound 80 partly blocked until 5:00 county so, for another ten minutes. >> christian? >> 4:48. ongoing problems with boeing 787 dreamliner is forcing cancellation of all future flights including those at san
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jose's airport. the canceled flights include trips from san jose to tokyo with the risk of battery fires grounding the fleet in mid-january after just five days and the inaugural flight is right here. world-wide, ana has scrubbed 3,600 boeing 787 dreamliner that would have carried 16,000 passengers. >> a speeding s.u.v. made a crash landing going airborne and crashed upside down lodging into the roof of this home in houston yesterday. police said the driver was trafficking at 90 miles per hour and he lost control and drove up an embankment going airborne and crashed into a house and flipped land on top of that house next door. no one was inside either home was hurt and a driver walked away with barely a scratch. >> heads up if you download music off the internet without paying for it. coming up, a new plan to catch
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illegal downloaders. >> a day after the oscars, a little guy makes his way to the bay area along with very happy people,
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>> good morning, at 4:52. stanford university announce add prominent speaker for the commencement ceremony, new york city bloomberg who found add global multimedia empire prior to becoming mayor. his entrepreneurial spirit is a great example. the graduation for stanford starts june 14. internet service providers will crackdown on people who illegally share music, tv shows or movies online under the new copyright alert system, people accuses of online piracy get up to six warnings and then the provider days more drastic steps
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such as slowing their connection or suspending service altogether. five of the largest interpret providers in the nation are taking part in this including at&t, time warner, vie long, cable, comcast and cable vision. this was created by the film and recording industry. >> this morning, an oscar is safe at studios in emeryville. director mark andrews carried the oscar into the headquarters yesterday, the first academy award. it won for "brave" which is the first animated feature with a female lead and won more than a dozen film critics and flick awards. congratulations for another oscar. mike, you complained the bay
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lights are not on? >> appreciate that. thank you. good morning, everyone. we are looking at radar. it is quiet across the entire state. we will talk about our forecast today. we will have mid-to-upper 60's through the central valley. monterey at 60 with sunshine. you can see a few clouds near the coast but they will stay to the north and 45 at tahoe and 54 in yosemite with sun, and check out los angeles and palm springs, mid-70's and not bad in san diego at 66 degrees. we will talk about a lack of snow and a lack of rain and i will have the details on what the snow fall is in the sierra coming up in the next half hour. so now a check of traffic. sue? >> pretty good. we have a shot of the macarthur maze making your way from 580 to the east and 880 to the south and east-west, 80 it feels north and south but it is east-west with no problems here
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and no problems at the bay bridge toll plaza if that is where you are funneling in to. we have police activity between 17th and 18th, and you are asked to avoid that area and you can get and that by going to mission. and northbound, 101, right by the village mall, the right lanes are blocked for another hour or so as they clean up the road work, and we have road work, eastbound, 580 from greenville to north flynn, three lanes until 11:00. you will find slow traffic there. the westbound direction, however, the commute direction, that is moving nicely with no delays. >> more than 800 jobs will be available today at the latest abc7 jobs journal hire event from noon to 4:00 this afternoon , at concord at clayton road including engineering, and retail, and education.
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>> oyster farm will stay open as it fights for future, a court ruled the farm at the point reyes national capitol -- can continue to operate. the area is supposed to be returned to wilderness and the court ruled in favor of the oyster farm saying there are serious legal questions about closing the farms. both will be back in court in may. >> a new report showing more teenagers are dying in car crashes. the numbers are eye opening. in the first six months of last year the rates for teens jumped 20 percent nationwide. 240 teens were killed in crashes between january and downaccording to the governor's highway safety associate. 16 and 17-year-old were involved in the most fatal accidents, and federal data for the expire year will not be available until later this year. a central california lawmaker wants to give specificant parent as tax break of $321 for the
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unborn children. the assembly woman is introducing a bill to help families cough the cost of being pregnant. opponents say the tax credit will not help california's bottom line and it could spark a debate over abortion rights. the proposal piggy backs off a laugh last year making pregnant minors eligible for welfare. >> lot of women take calcium and vitamin d, but don't bother because it does not prevent broken bones and the panel concluded this is not enough evidence to tell if it helps. doctors recommend getting most of the recommended allowance of calcium and vitamin did from a good diet. >> a fire forces people in an assisted living center right out into the cold night and what firefighters are saying about what started it.
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vandals strike several businesses in the east bay. next, the surveillance video poli
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eeeee of the weather forecast and explain why it is clear but not that cold. >> the wind chill is out there and it was warmer yesterday so that is hanging over from last night and we will see that the next couple of years, with a milder night. live doppler 7 hd shows it is dry right now, no need to worry
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about the umbrella. check out the mid-30's from santa clara at 36 to pleasanton at 35, and walnut creek at 36 and upper 30's around union city and palo alto and saratoga and near freezing at american canyon and petaluma. in the afternoon, almost total sunshine and less cloud cover and low-to-mid 60's and low to upper 60's inland and breezy at the beaches mid-to-upper 50's. how is the commute? >> pretty good. happy tuesday. we have light conditions at the bay bridge checking back with a live shot, no delays on the upper deck but a night dry, nice and clear and the macarthur maze is looking good with no delays and everyone funneling in and we could have some sort of activity right here with a stall, with a tow truck on the scene and i will check back that it is not blocking a lane but traffic is getting by. fremont on-ramp in sunnyvale to northbound 85 that is closed with road work until 6:00 this morning and back to daly

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